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The last few months have been crazy busy. Up until this April, I travel a lot but it was more like – 3 weeks in Philippines, 2 weeks home, 1 week in Europe, 2-3 weeks home etc so I had my routine including daily walks at the beach etc.

The April was when it all blew up. Aruba, 1 day home, Dubai, straight to Sri Lanka, straight to Maldives, the day I got home after a month of being home my sister came to visit me from Poland so we went to Palm Springs, San Fransisco and Tulum for a week. Then I was home for 6 days, went to Florida, Vegas, 10hrs home straight to Bermuda, 17 hrs home in LA, then onto Poland, France, Italy, 5 days home then Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, 4 days home then Vegas, two days home and then Hawaii.

You get the idea. haha. The only days I was home, I was so busy washing, editing videos, paying bills, doing beauty treatments (like hairdresser, nails, facial etc) I had zero time to go outside and enjoy the fact I live right by the beach, crazy!

So yesterday, despite the amount of work, an unpacked suitcase and a mess in the house, Michael and I went out to the beach like we used to – to play volleyball with friends, watch sunset and enjoy the last warm summer days. It was also a good excuse to test my new gift from Allbirds – their Wool Runners.

No need to stay I have a slight obsession about shoes and a lot of my followers often joke about that, but apart from loving shoes I am also very picky when choosing them and here’s why.

a) I barely ever get shoes I can wear right away without painfully breaking them in which kinds sucks.

b) I hate socks! I dare you to find a photo of me wearing socks, even in runners/boots I avoid them at all costs.

c) Since I hate socks and my feet rub easily, I tend to find it hard to find comfortable shoes.

The struggle is even more real when I want comfortable shoes that look great with a dress or shorts and not clunky so taking all of the above into the consideration Allbirds was ticking off all the requirements in theory (yay) so I was all up for a collaboration to see if they really are as good as they sound.

Outing to the beach was a great excuse, because the pier area with all the restaurants and volleyball courts are 10-16 mins from my house – doesn’t sound like a lot, but I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I wore some semi-comfortable shoes because I wanted to look good and couldn’t make back home without blisters. Allbirds passed the ‘walk to the pier’ test easy peasy.

Here are some more things I love about them:

  • They are made with natural New Zealand merino so they are actually meant to be worn without socks – that way they can absorb the moisture and your feet, you know… won’t smell haha!
  • I cannot even express how soft and comfy they feel. They are extremely light so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing shoes at all.
  • I love that their curvy design, making my legs look long which I love haha.
  • I went for their Natural White color from the Classics, which look like million bucks in my opinion and I could dress them up with the blue dress for a sunset sail in Redondo Beach the other day – see my IG photo). I can already tell I’ll be ordering their lavender ones too ASAP (check them out here)

If you have any ideas of how to style them for my upcoming trip to Turkey and Greece, let me know 😉 And if you want to find more styles, go to Allbirds website.

****Although this is a sponsored post, I have a financial privilege to only recommend products I feel passionate about and would spend money on. Sometimes I send back products to companies which I thought looked good on their website, but wasn’t happy to use them/ would never recommend them to a friend. If you’re reading this post, it means I truly believed in the above mentioned product and feel excited and happy to share it with you.****

4 Replies to “Travel in My Shoes”

  1. Shoes look great! Will check them out!
    Wouldn’t you like to take longer trips instead of rushing around everywhere? You could easily spend a month in Sri Lanka instead of 5 days etc. Or does that give you an excuse to come back to a place to take more beautiful photos and videos? 🙂

  2. Aggie, I love the fact that you don’t wear socks. It makes me feel a little bit better now that my granddaughter is always refusing to wear socks! I guess if you do it (and I adore you) she should be able to do it too. I adore her also. Problem is with her… Her shoes get stinky! Good thing she’s a kid and still growing so she doesn’t have her shoes that long.

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