Hi! Im Aggie Lal.


Adventurer. Inner peace seeker. Nature addict. Sailor. Olympic-level liquid spiller. Filmmaker. Obsessive learner. Explorer.
Story teller. Hiker.


I visited 43 countries so far and (aint) counting

I am a Polish born, Australian educated, Los Angeles based adventure traveler, writer,
blogger and photographer.


I sailed across the Pacific
(without any prior sailing experience)
lived in a Zulu village in Africa
and studied on 3 different continents
in Brazil, Australia and Poland.
I also used to be a TV host (#childstar), an actress in over dozen TV commercials, worked in production
for MTV and a few Hollywood movies.
Get to know more about me through the questions below.


These days I love inflecting people through my blog

with a travel bug.


Welcome to my tribe!

Where is my cute accent from?
My full name is Agnieszka [AHG-nee-ESH-kuh LAHL] and I was born in Warsaw, Poland.
At 19, I moved to Australia. Two car accidents and one University degree later I was ready for a
change so in 2013 I bought a one way ticket from Sydney to Los Angeles and never looked back.

Whats my biggest adventure to date?

Spending 54 days at sea without any communication with the outside world nor seeing anyone but
1 other human. And then continuing for another 180 days.

Which country is my favorite?

Mexico. I love everything about it. The food, the language, people, music, beaches everything.

Whos behind all these stunning photos and videos?

I can take credit for costumes, art directing, sometimes directing and post production of my travel
photos and videos, but the person behind the camera is my partner Michael Moretti, who is a director
and photographer himself. You can follow his awesome Instagram or visit his website.

The craziest thing I’ve eaten during my travels?

Mopane worms in South Africa they were very crunchy. Also green ants in the tropical forrest of Australia
very sour! Regardless of the above, I still consider myself a
(cheating) pescatarian:)

How do I afford to travel so much?

I freelance in the film industry in Hollywood doing anything from a production coordinator to directors assistant.
I try to remember to work smart, not hard!

How has travelling influenced my life?

Everything good about me, I owe to traveling. I am more mature, relaxed, open-minded and kinder because I got
to experience the beauty of this world.

Life Motto:

The Secret to Living is Giving. ALWAYS!

Most Influential Books of My Last Decade:

The Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Brown

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

Awaken The Giant Within by Toby Robbins

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert
Do I have any pets?
Yes, I have 3 and probably end up like a crazy pet lady with 15 rescues in my house one day. My babies are:
Peanut Butter 2yo Cockapoo, who goes mental whenever hears the word squirrel.
Jelly Bean a cat I rescued from my front yard last year who kinda just stayed around since.
Cookie Dough 4 month old, 6 fingered kitty who thinks he’s a dog.
Yes, I was naming them while being VERY hungry!

Prettiest beach I’ve been to?
Pink sand beach on an atol called Tikehau in the South Pacific.
I know I had a good day when:
I got to see a sunrise and a sunset over an endless horizon. I also crave deep human connection to thrive.