What’s Travel in Her Shoes?


What’s Travel In Her Shoes?


Is your life is not as adventurous as you would like it to be?
Are you worried there is so much to see in this world
but you will run out of time to visit all the places you dream of?
Do you want make friends from different cultures and not
limit your point of view to your neighborhood or country?
Does vacation mean you work from somewhere else
than the office but can never really unplug?
Well, you are in the right place.

But I am NOT here to tell you to ‘leave it all behind’, to ‘set sail into the unknown’
because ‘those who don’t travel only read one page of the book of life’ etc etc.
I’m here to remind you that you only get one shot at making the best of this life.
I’m here to inspire you to be adventurous and live by design, not default.
I’m here tohelp you to never run out of ideas of where to go next.
I’m here so I have no more excuses why you are still living your life small and safe. (aka boring)
You don’t have to give up your job.
You don’t need to sell your stuff or buy a one way ticket.
But you must work adventure INTO your lifestyle,
Follow your gut and get your sexy ass outdoors.
I guarantee you will became the best version of yourself – one journey at a time.
Let’s go!
Aggie Lal