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My Latest Posts

Dream come true at Hurawalhi Resort Maldives

This is going to be one of the prettiest blog posts I’ve ever done. Actually, I can spend a lot of pages talking about how beautiful Maldives are, but usually photos do a better job&hellip

WHY I LOVED THE PHILIPPINES and No, it’s not only the beaches

Beautiful Coron. First things first. If this is my only blog post you’ll ever read about the Philippines- I just need to let you know that I love it here. Listen, I’m the person

Where I Stayed in Coron

Before heading to the Philippines, I was told by a lot of friend travel bloggers that not only I will fall in love in this beautiful country, but also that I should absolutely visit Coron.&h


Take a look at my trip to London when I was visiting my friend Rekha in her apartment in High St Kensington. I arrived from Luton Airport to Victoria Station & then caught the tube&hell


I arrived in Paris after flying from a remote island in the Philippines to Los Angeles where I only had 12 hrs repack & see my babies (pets). I was tired! Luckily, my Airbnb was…

Disneyland hacks!

I love Disneyland, but hate wasting my time in long lines every time I go there. Luckily, I finally figured out a way to avoid the crowds and lines and make the most out of…

La La Land 

Sunset over La La Land with a fellow travel blogger / dreamer @stephbetravel 👯

I’m a Vlogger

I’ve been dying to take us (yes, you & me) to the next level and here we are – YouTube is the answer! After a short break I’m coming back on Youtube and you can…

Roadtrippin’ California with Jucy

I’ve been a little unplugged roadtrippin’ around my ‘backyard’ (California) together with @jucyusa ❤️️❤️️❤️️ If you’ve been hanging out with m

Arla Cases Winners

As you know from my Instagram, I’ve teamed up with Arla cases and yesterday I was giving away 3 cases for 3 winners!   The giveaway closed today at 9a and Peanut Butter my dog&hel

Gandys – Clothing by ‘Tsunami Kids’

My biggest fear as a kid was loosing my parents. I think it still is. It’s sad to think that for some kids this fear becomes reality – that was the case for Forkan brothers,&hell

Before The Flood – Hurry Up

This is my favorite lake in the world – Morskie Oko in my native Poland – I’m so excited to see it again very soon, but not so excited it might disappear from the planet&he

10 Things You Need to Know About Cuba

Hola from Cuba, Señoritas! What a great place, aaaa! Love it here! You should definitely put it on your bucket list with an ‘urgent’ tag on. Here are my 10 observations from vis

Safari at Serengeti

I love Safaris! I went for one in South Africa a few years go and fell in love with the idea of sneak-peaking on wild animals in their natural environment. I hate zoos – there…

Beautiful Zion, UT

I’ve been meaning to go to Zion forever – all my foreign friends have already been and told me it’s one of the best National Parks in the US so finally – as an excuse

Horseshoe Bend, AZ

This ain’t a post for the faint-hearted! Sitting on a verge of a cliff is a thrilling experience, but it sure makes me feel so alert and alive, so present! A perfect mindfulness practi

Antelope Canyon, AZ

  The problem with working in Hollywood is that sometimes when I show up in a really really beautifully surreal place – I feel like it’s a movie set! Antelope Canyon was so

Yosemite Training

I am so nervous! My Kilimanjarohike is approachingcloser and closer and I still don’t feel fit enough to make it! I decided to sneak out to Yosemite on my way back from San Fransisco t

San Fransisco Music Festival

I went to San Fransisco to go to Outside Lands Music Festival – mainly to see Radiohead, but there was also Lionel Richie, Air and other cool band I have never heard of, but played&hel

Camping at Joffre Lakes

I always had this dream – ever since watching ‘Into the Wild’ to go camping in some remote area of Alaska or Canada. And I just did! Joffre Lakes are awesome hike-to-camp o


Guess what – Canada is stunning. Not surprised? Ha – me neither! The last week has been a hiker’s wet dream lol 🙂 Perfect – little people, stunning views, fresh ai


I don’t remember how many times I was told I would like Vancouver, but I finally got to visit it and -of course – I loved it. Despite cold weather and me – as usual…

Happy Independence Day!

How can you tell apart a tourist in a crowd? She’s the one wearing the American Flag! Lol. I’ve lived in the US for almost 3 years and love every second of it! I know…

One & Only Hayman Island

On my way up to Cains, I wanted to spend a few days on Whitsunday Islands.After traveling in the van for over a week now, it was so nice to get a little spoilt. We…

Aboriginal Tribe Djabuganydiji

During my stay in Cairns, I went to visit Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. When visiting other countries, I always try to find different native cultures for two reasons. First off, because

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

I did an overboard stay to finish my advanced course in scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. I can’t say enough how amazing it was to live out in the ocean, 70 miles from…

Surfing The Jungle in Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is a super isolated town with one store, one bar, 2 hostels and maybe 20 houses. Also – they are so isolated that they have to be self-sufficient (power, water, trash

Great Barrier Reef + Whitsunday Islands

While in Airlie Beach, I went on a sea plane to see Whitsunday Islands from above. This was another one of my many firsts on this trip, as I had never been on a seaplane…

White Water Rafting on Tully River

I went white water rafting on Tully River. It’s one of the most extreme white water rafting you can do in the world. Level 4. A film director I worked with a lot recently used…

Kangaroo Selfie & Koala Hug

I think I just took my favorite photo ever!Even though I lived in Australia before, I never got to have a selfiewith a kangaroo, so this time it had to happen 🙂 In Brisbane, I…

Across Australia in a Camper Van

Australia - known for kangaroos, desert and people talking with a funny accent:) It is also used to be my home during University years and I still hold a permanent residency there. I left

I love Noosa Heads!

I heard many amazing things about Noosa Heads and their beach and turns out they are all true! Such a great vibe here, the most amazing sunsets and the best surfing I think I have…

Back to my Old Home – Sydney

During my trip to Australia, I spent 2 days in Sydney, my old home. It was so much fun catching up with old friends from the University of Sydney years! Oh, I miss that Sydney…

Monument Valley Magic

Forrest Gump is my favorite movie. It’s been for years. I loved the moment when he starts running, so I had to visit the place where they shot it – the Monument Valley. On top&he

Carnival Cruise

This should be a health warning, about how I ate way too much in 5 days and why you should never go on a cruise, but I hope you will be smarter and enjoy another…

Miami & Florida Keys

I love Florida Keys! Probably one of my favorite places in the US. The vibe is fantastic, the weather happens to be always awesome and the water is warm, unlikely back home in California.

Bahamas time!

The happiest moment in my recent life – taking my mum and sister on a surprise trip to the Bahamas (my mum never travels!). It was awesome, but mum already told me ‘make sure you

My favorite place in the US – the Grand Canyon

I don’t know why it took me so long to make it to Grand Canyon, but I regret every second I wasn’t here. So peaceful. So quiet. Such a powerful silence. A must see while…

Jaguar Reef Lodge Belize

My trip to Belize was short and limited mainly to a resort stay – not super proud to say that, but regardless I had a great time. It was also my first time by the…

Antigua like a Movie Set

Everything here – from store fronts to little cobble streets looks like a movie set! The coffee is so so so good too! I have no idea how they do it, but it doesn’t have…

Guatemalan Road Trip

Guatemala wasn’t really on my bucket list, but a real Latino adventure with Central/South American culture always was. Turns out Guatemala is the place always thought about when envisi


I heard a song about Acapulco, I heard scary stories about Acapulco and now I just sailed here. In love! What a cute town with the best fun and amazing weather – perfect for my…