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Miami & Florida Keys

I love Florida Keys! Probably one of my favorite places in the US. The vibe is fantastic, the weather happens to be always awesome and the water is warm, unlikely back home in California.

Bahamas time!

The happiest moment in my recent life – taking my mum and sister on a surprise trip to the Bahamas (my mum never travels!). It was awesome, but mum already told me ‘make sure you

My favorite place in the US – the Grand Canyon

I don’t know why it took me so long to make it to Grand Canyon, but I regret every second I wasn’t here. So peaceful. So quiet. Such a powerful silence. A must see while…

Jaguar Reef Lodge Belize

My trip to Belize was short and limited mainly to a resort stay – not super proud to say that, but regardless I had a great time. It was also my first time by the…

Antigua like a Movie Set

Everything here – from store fronts to little cobble streets looks like a movie set! The coffee is so so so good too! I have no idea how they do it, but it doesn’t have…

Guatemalan Road Trip

Guatemala wasn’t really on my bucket list, but a real Latino adventure with Central/South American culture always was. Turns out Guatemala is the place always thought about when envisi


I heard a song about Acapulco, I heard scary stories about Acapulco and now I just sailed here. In love! What a cute town with the best fun and amazing weather – perfect for my…

Sailing the Pacific

If you know a little you know how much I love being at sea. This is where I belong. I was so happy to go on another voyage – this time it wasn’t across the…

19 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Traveler

Let’s be honest here: We, the travelers, are not the easiest people to buy gifts for. Even if we happen to spend holiday time together with our loved ones, our wanderlust lifestyle has

Joshua Tree

It is one of these places that are perfect for a day trip from Los Angeles. I am not the biggest fan of deserts, but they have this ability to relax and make you feel…

Quebec, Canada – slow living

All my trips are always so eventful, that when I was planning to Canadian trip, I had to promise myself not to plan too much – although it was temping. I just needed to rest…

Happy Hollywood-Style Birthday to Me!

I never really have birthday parties, because I am neither a very social person or a party animal, but this year I wanted to see all of my friends I missed during my recent travels…

I love Moscow & I can’t believe it!

TripAdvisor has released their annual list of newly popular destinations on the rise for 2016. Among your typical beautiful destinations like Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, Moscow also m

Poland’s Biggest Secret – Zakopane

Whenever I sayI come from Poland, they either don’t know where Poland is or have never been. Well, here are just a few photos to convince you my motherland is worth a visit 🙂

Puerto Vallarta – Memories-Ful Visit

Going back to the place you’ve been before to see how much you’ve grown – that was the main theme of my recent visit to Puerto Vallarta where I spent 4 months in 2013 getti

Beijing & Shanghai, China

Hungry and thirsty – that’s how I feel after my recent trip to China. No cold water anywhere, despite million degrees outside. No vegetarian options, unless I go to Starbucks 

Phuket and Phi Phi Islands Thailand

I knew Thailand will be a unreal dream and it was! As the biggest green curry fan in the world, I was in double heaven – the views and the food did not disappoint 🙂…

New York at Its Coldest

I almost froze to death in New York. I didn’t realize it’s gonna be this cold, because it was mid March already. I didn’t have a hat or gloves and ended up buying them all&

Pacific Coast Highway US Road Trip

Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Seattle is supposed to be one of the best road trips in the US – it took me 3 days one way to see it for myself, but…

Fall Weekend in Julian, CA

I love Fall – my favorite time of the year! There is this cute little town in California called Julian and they make the best apple pie and pumpkin-anything! I

My new puppy in the Fall! (Boston & MA)

Fall is my favorite time of the year, but Californian Fall is not what I have in mind when I say it. I spent the last 3 years in the tropics, so I had to…

Aloha Hawaii! (A LOT of photos)

I spent a week in Oahu and that was enough to add Hawaii to one of my favorite places in the world!!! Waikiki beach – my love!

Yosemite & Giant Sequoias

These Sequoias are some big-a** trees let me tell you. Like skyscrapers! My first time in Yosemite, but definitely not the last, just a wonderful park, I loved it here!

South African Road Trip!

From Cape Town to Johannesburg, along the Indian Ocean coast. Driving across South Africa didn’t feel very dangerous, but it had spectacular views. I even got to hang out with Nelson M

I Was The First Blonde Person They Met

I didn’t plan to visit an orphanage while in South Africa, but it just happened that our Zulu family took us there for a few hours. This particular orphanage away from big roads in rem

Baby lions and giraffes!

When I got a chance to visit Lion and Giraffe park in Johannesburg, I din’t think too much – I always wanted to see little cubs running around, feeding them and the giraffes. Now


Johannesburg was the last spot during my South African adventure. I visited the apartheid and Nelson Mandela museum. Very sobering. I found an awesome quote there: ‘A person is a perso

Kissing with an Elephant (cute photos!)

While in South Africa I visited this awesome Elephant Rescue. The park has about 40 ‘babies’ – all of which were living in zoos before, survivors of poaching or just babies

Living in a Zulu village – bucket list!

If I had to name three favorite experiences I have ever done as a traveler, living in a Zulu village in South Africa would definitely make the podium.

Safari at Kruger National Park, South Africa

In my pre-blogging life I went on a self-drive safari in Kruger National Park. Seeing animals in the wild, in their natural habitat took my breath away more than I could count. Unforgettable

Cape Town

I went to Cape Town, South Africa in my ‘old’ pre-blogging life, which almost doesn’t count, but it is so amazing there I had to share some homey photos with you. If you ar