I’m a Vlogger

I’ve been dying to take us (yes, you & me) to the next level and here we are – YouTube is the answer!

After a short break I’m coming back on Youtube and you can expect a lot of new goodies – 3 videos a week! eeeek!

+ TRAVEL VLOGS: daily from my travels and weekly from my LA life
+ HOW TO TUTORIALS about travel hacks, insider’s tips about places I visit, about how to pack, how to become a full time traveler (or not!)
+ MONDAY MOTIVATION series – a weekly 5 min dose of inspiring ideas


Roadtrippin’ California with Jucy

I’ve been a little unplugged roadtrippin’ around my ‘backyard’ (California) together with @jucyusa ❤️️❤️️❤️️
If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you probably remember I partnered with JUCY earlier this year during my Australian road trip from Brisbane to Cairns which was awesome and definitely warmer than these below freezing temperatures here in Cali ❄️?hence I’m drinking hot tea all the time ?


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Gandys – Clothing by ‘Tsunami Kids’

My biggest fear as a kid was loosing my parents. I think it still is.

It’s sad to think that for some kids this fear becomes reality – that was the case for Forkan brothers, who lost their parents in the 2004 Tsunami (I’m sure you saw in my stories I’ve been recently reading their book Tsunami Kids).

Rob & Paul started a clothing company Gandys where 10% of the profits goes towards their foundation Orpahans for Orphans – they even recently opened their first orphanage in Sri Lanka.

If you like my backpack and companies with a soul, find out more about how Gandys is changing the world for the better at Gandys.


Before The Flood – Hurry Up

This is my favorite lake in the world – Morskie Oko in my native Poland – I’m so excited to see it again very soon, but not so excited it might disappear from the planet within a few decades alongside your favorite places in the world.

This is going to be a long post, so if you have no time to read the bottom line is – WATCH @beforetheflood by @natgeo with @LeonardoDiCaprio about the #ClimateChange.

I don’t ask you, I BEG YOU to help me spread the word about this issue. As travelers, both you and I benefit from the beauty of this world on daily basis so we need to do something to protect what we love and were given for free to enjoy.

Not kill it or watch it being killed. I have no choice to stand here in front of you and speak up: the climate change is not only is real but is also so advanced that even if we stopped it today, it already impacted so many areas around the world to the point no return.

Tell your friends about it, tag them in the comments below, send them to my blog for more info – SPREAD THE WORD. This is how you change the world – by standing up for what’s right and good and speaking up whenever something and someone is being.

The facts are clear:

– burning fossil fuels like coal produces CO2 which alerts the atmosphere

– Arctic ice is melting: in a few years the earth will be warmer that it’s been in 4 MLN years!

– Oceans are rising – in a few decades all the beach cities will be under water including my home Los Angeles

– USA is the biggest polluter of CO2 in the world, right next to China, but China is heavily investing in renewable energy because the Chinese people stood up and forced their government to do something about it. USA not only produces the most, we actually do the least to invest to renewable energy (even less than India and African countries).

– Our ‘lungs’ are being killed – Brazil is cutting down the Amazon at a crazy rate, entire rainforest of Indonesia is being burnt down as we speak to produce palm oil used in Dorritos, lays and other shitty fast food (lol)

– All the scientists in the world scream on top of their lungs that we have to do something while politicians around the world are pretending that the climate change is not real. Why? Because they get millions of $$$ from oil rig lobbyist to allow yet another location for drilling oil.

Is there hope?
Yes! That’s the exciting part. But first everyone has to know how urgent this problem is. We all know about the facts.

What Can you do?

Make sure your lighting is efficient. LED light bulbs generally use up to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescents, and they last longer. (Here’s why CFLs, on the other hand, are falling out of favor.)
Replace old appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, and clothes dryers, with smarter models. In the U.S., the ENERGY STAR program certifies a range of products for energy efficiency.
Adjust your thermostat up in warm months and down in cold ones, especially when you’re not home.
Use cold water for washing clothes, then line-dry them.
Recycle. The EPA estimates that recycling glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper could save 582 pounds of CO2 per year, equivalent to more than 600 miles of driving.
Consider getting solar panels for your home or buying renewable energy credits.

Save on gas with an electric, hybrid, or super fuel-efficient car. (Check out this electric car calculator from the Union of Concerned Scientists, which helps you take into account the electricity source where you live.)
Maximize fuel efficiency, no matter what model you drive: Keep tires inflated, avoid speeding, keep your trunk free of excess weight—and above all, avoid driving when you can walk, bike, carpool, or take public transit.
Reduce your flight travel where you can, and remember that, unfortunately for your personal comfort, first- and business-class seats have a higher carbon footprint than economy ones. (You can find the most efficient airlines ranked here.)
Purists don’t love the idea, but buying carbon offsets—essentially, paying into projects that help compensate for the carbon you plan to emit—is another option. The environmental group NRDC offers a guide.

Buy less meat, and opt for sustainable sources when it comes to what you do purchase.
By one estimate, consuming a pound of beef gives off more carbon than burning a gallon of gasoline.
Bring your own bags and buy in bulk when possible to reduce packaging.
Reduce your consumption of bottled water and other packaged drinks. In general, driving up demand for plastic means doing the same for fossil fuels.
Consider the global impact of acquiring more stuff. One study found that a big share of China’s pollution was associated with goods manufactured for export to the U.S. and elsewhere.