Great Barrier Reef + Whitsunday Islands

While in Airlie Beach, I went on a sea plane to see Whitsunday Islands from above. This was another one of my many firsts on this trip, as I had never been on a seaplane before. Outside the windows you could see the Great Barrier Reef, and I drank in every view I could get!

 From that high up, the blue was so bright and I sat in awe as the plane took me over the largest living thing on earth.


You can see my hotel – One & Only from above and the world famous Heart Reef 🙂






The plane landed on Whitehaven beach (probably the most famous beach in Australia), where I enjoyed a glass of champagne and the gorgeous scenery around me.

Though I’m sure I’ve said this many times already, the experience was absolutely breathtaking. It’s challenging to come up with different words when the world is so amazing!!!


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White Water Rafting on Tully River

I went white water rafting on Tully River. It’s one of the most extreme white water rafting you can do in the world. Level 4.
A film director I worked with a lot recently used to be a guide on that river (in his previous, pre-Hollywood life) so he organized it for me…
It was super scary!!! I almost drowned! And as you can see in the photos – I was more underwater than above 🙂
Adventurers are crazy people – I was terrified but still incredibly excited to be doing it in a way (it’s kinda weird, isn’t it?).











White Water Rafting Adventure was a courtesy of Raging Thunder Adventures.

Kangaroo Selfie & Koala Hug

I think I just took my favorite photo ever!Even though I lived in
Australia before, I never got to have a selfiewith a kangaroo, so this time it had to happen 🙂

In Brisbane, I was invited by the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to visit
their babies – this is where I took my Kangaroo selfie and hugged a koala! 🙂




The Park has not only koalas, but also kangaroos and other Australian wildlife.
I tried to get one of the kangaroos to say hello to the camera for you, but I think he did’t like my impression of an
Australian accent. Lol

I was able to snag a quick selfie before Joey got too grumpy and showed him my blog 🙂



I also got to hold a koala and I learned you are never supposed to hug them, but only makea perch for them with your hands, because their ribs are very gentle and can break easily.


Thank you to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane for hosting me!

Across Australia in a Camper Van

Australia - known for kangaroos, desert and people talking with a funny accent:)

It is also used to be my home during University years and I still hold a permanent residency there.

I left Sydney in 2013, because part of me didn’t feel myself there and this was the first time I went back since then. Even though I could never go back to living Down Under, it is such a great place to visit as a tourist!!!

Okay, but from the beginning.

I had 20 days planned for Sydney and Northeastern Queensland.




The first two days I spent in Sydney. It was so much fun catching up with old friends from the University of Sydney years! Oh, I miss that Sydney nightlife too!

I was happy I still knew my way around town very well and remember every single details from public transport layout to the closest bathroom to the Opera House LOL 🙂

On my second day, I wanted to show M. as much as possible as he’s never been to Sydney. Read about my Sydney adventures HERE.





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After we spent a day in Brisbane, we headed to get our Campervan – Jucy Camper, who was the sponsor of my trip.

The plan was to drive up the coast from Brisbane all the way up to Cape Tribulation (about 1000 miles North).

This was my first time in a campervan, and I can honestly say that it was so much fun!!

For the two weeks, the van truly became my home. And let me tell you, it is such a cool feeling when you can bring your home with you everywhere you go! It’s a land version of a sailboat 🙂

One of my favorite things EVER was waking up right on to the beaches of Australia or doing yoga on the roof of my camper at sunrise.

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