The Magic Sunset Collection consists of 7 main presets created all around the world: Cali, Coron (in Philippines), Hawaii, Maldives, Mykonos, New York and Tulum with adding a slight variation to each of them (to those of you who are still not very proficient in Lightroom) so there are 14 presets total.

This collection is prefect to get these pink sunset or sunrise skies feels just right. I tried to have them as different as possible to give you options in terms of temperature, saturation, grain and hue, but as you can see the colors are slightly washed and grainy. If you are looking to make your images ‘pop’ more, add Saturation and Vibrance in the ‘Basic Tool’ section. Enjoy!

Also, make sure to check out my Youtube tutorial where I show you how I use the presets!




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