Dream come true at Hurawalhi Resort Maldives

This is going to be one of the prettiest blog posts I’ve ever done. Actually, I can spend a lot of pages talking about how beautiful Maldives are, but usually photos do a better job at conveying it.

I was extremely luck to spend a few days at one of the top resorts in Maldives – Hurawalhi Resort which is located about 25 mins North of Male (that’s where the International Airport is).

I flew in late at night from Sri Lanka and since there are no flights to the resort islands after dark, I stayed at a local hotel overnight and headed to Hurawalhi the following morning.

This was super cool, because by the time I got to the resort, it was still very early and I could still have some breakfast and have an early check in (around 11a).

The Hurawalhi island operates on their own ‘island’ time, which is an hour off from standard Maldives time (which moves the sunrise to around 7a and sunset to 7p, which is awesome as otherwise there’d be a 6a sunrise and 6p sunset!).

Hurawalhi has both beach villas (with or without a pool) and ocean villas (same). I stayed at one of their sunrise ocean villas.

First thing I did, well before unpacking, was jumping into the ocean right from the desk. The water was sooo warm, so clean, so refreshing, it was one of these ‘can someone pinch me?’ moments.

After an afternoon of relaxing (aka: working on my YT videos), I met with Nicole, PR manager who showed me around the entire resort and walked me to 5.8 restaurant – the largest all glass underwater restaurant in the world. It’s submerged about 150 feet away from the shore, in the actual ocean. There is no netting or feeding the fish, but they hang out around regardless.

The dinner at 5.8 is an 8 course meal for $280 pp plus additional $90 pp if you’d like to do wine pairing (given that the whole experience of well orchestrated dishes is an art in itself, I now regret not doing the wine pairing – everyone seemed to think it made an amazing dining experience even better).

The following day, we went snorkeling in the morning, sun tanning on our private deck, went paddleboarding and then got a massage at the spa center (the massage rooms have glass floors so you can watch fish while having your back worked on ?

In the evening, we had private candle lit dinner at the beach, which was just so romantic and the food was delicious – especially that I’m a huge fan of the chef from the buffet restaurant who’s in charge of the beach dinners. His food (and the buffet) was mind blowing – to the point it looks too pretty to eat and Ushan the pastry chef created the most original, delicious desserts I’ve ever seen in any buffet.

The next day, Hurawalhi sent us to their Dream Island – which is exactly what it sounds like. It was such a dream come true to have such a perfect little island only for me and Michael – (what’s super cool is that the staff drops you off, gives you a phone and leaves you on the island for a few hours truly by yourself!). Honestly, these few hours on the Dream Island would make flying across the world worthwhile for me, but that wasn’t the end of my activities for that day.

After an amazing lunch (and I want to pause for a second, because whenever you have all inclusive/buffet style meals at hotels they are usually OKAY, but the Canneli restaurant proved me wrong. This was hands down the best buffet I’ve ever experienced – the presentation was outstanding and the desert section mind blowing! As embarrassing as it sounds – I was really catching myself thinking about the buffet during the day haha!

That day we also got to go on a sunset cruise and saw dolphins, which was just so magical – it reminded me of my sailing days. Honestly, so so so perfect I can’t even find words to describe it.

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  1. Hej 🙂 Zdjęcia są cudowne!
    Jakiś czas temu opowiadałaś o sprzęcie i obróbce zdjęć, ale mam pytanie jakim aparatem były robione te konkretne zdjęcia?


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