Stop to Smell (Like) Roses – My quick visit to Monaco

I want to share with you my recent trip to Southern France where I was invited by the iconic Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Le Labo fragrances. The trip which was special for two reasons. One, I finally learned how perfumes are made. Two, I spent an amazing three days in awesome company of amazing  girls – @LichiPan, @Polabur, @NotJessFashion and @LionintheWild.

We flew into Nice from Miami on a rainy Tuesday morning and after a 40 min drive, we checked into Fairmont Monte Carlo in Monaco. (for those who slept through Geography classes, Monaco is a small country situated East of Nice on the Mediterranean Coast). The funny thing is I actually visited this hotel a year earlier with my mum when visiting Monaco and thought it would be amazing to stay there and here I was. The Fairmont is the only water front hotel in Monaco and it’s a classic mostly because of it’s super convenient location for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix (apparently George Lucas rents the same room for the last 15 years!).

Anyways, the reason we came to Monaco was to learn more about the recent collaboration Fairmont had with Le Labo Frangrances. Since 2011, Farimont provides Le Labo toiletries in all of their rooms and suites. 

On our first day, we got to relax in our rooms (which were built to resemble a boat cabin) and then enjoyed an hour Signature Rose Facial at hotel spa (which was more like a hour face massage and it felt amazing! – exactly what my face needed after an 12 hour transatlantic flight). 

That evening, we had dinner at the famous Nobu restaurant (best cocktails!). What makes Nobu so unique in Monte Carlo is the fact they don’t serve Tuna since it’s endangered and Prince Albert, who is a huge environmentalist, doesn’t allow selling Tuna in entire Monaco.

The following day, we started our day early and drove the local airport to literally jump into a helicopter to get on a 15min flight to the area of Grasse. Grasse is world famous hub for making perfumes and it was my first time there (def not the last!) It’s kinda embarrassing to admit but I have never put too much thought into how perfumes are made.

Centifolia Rose harvest happens only once a year and it’s one of the rarest roses in the world.  Centifolia is so delicate that can’t be used in bouquets because the petals would fall off right away, but it has a very strong ‘odor’ as our guide described, which makes it perfect for perfume making. Centifolia is the main ingredient for Le Labo Rose 31 which we were gifted (I absolutely loooove the smell and have been using them ever since!).

We first walked to the rose fields where the rose pickers just started picking petals and they were picking them up so fast they literally looked like they were sped up 😉 

Then bags full and full of petals were transported to a small factory nearby (it’s super important that the petals are fresh and picked in less that 20-24 hours). When we arrived at the factory, we first smelled different perfume samples and I literally guesses zero of them, but it was actually a lot of fun!

On day 2, after an amazing #BreakfastGoals at Nikki Beach, we had a chance to attend a flower workshop and had a chance to see how flower crowns are made (and make one ourselves). All the girls looked like they are about to want down the aisle and I was even joking it got so romantic I almost proposed to them haha.

What do you think of my crown? What’s your favorite perfume smell? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you Fairmont Monte Carlo & Le Labo Fragrances for a trip of a lifetime!





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