One & Only Hayman Island

On my way up to Cains, I wanted to spend a few days on Whitsunday
Islands.After traveling in the van for over a week now, it was so nice to get a little spoilt.
We left our bright-colored camper van in Airlie Beach and took a private power boat to
One and Only Resort on Hayman Island
. It is among the most expensive places that I’ve ever
stayed, at around AUD$1,500 a night (about USD$1300). Crazy!

Whether any place is worth all that money is about how you look at
it -buuuuut regardless of the price tag – staying at One and Only Hayman Island was one of the best
memories from

my Australian road trip.



The private yacht was the only way to get to the island, and that alone was exciting!
I don’t often get to have a giant speed boatfor myself 🙂 we were the only guests on the boat so I totally felt like
Beyonce and Jay Z:)

This is the breakfast I had on my first day – plenty of passion fruit!





The hotel wasn’t very busy, so it could almost feel at times that – again – I had the entire place to myself,
and could roam around both the resort and the beaches surrounding it.








Australian Cockatoos (parrots) would come to my balcony and try to steal my food multiple times!
Once we left our balcony open and half of my apple was gone from my bedside table!


Though some people foundthe Cockatoos to be annoying and scary,
I thoughtthey were super cute!!!






Looking out from my the balcony sipping champagne on a private island was very different
than my hippie life in a camper van – but oh so needed!It all made me realize that I didn’t necessarily have to be always
be roughingit to be a true traveler. Life is all about balance, and I think that I’ve learned over time to experience and
enjoy both without:

a) guilt-tripping myself aka calculating all the $$ I am overspending, eg. paying $ 16
for a bag of nuts from the mini bar

b) trying to convince myself that one experience is truer and hence better over the other.

Now, off to some more champagne 🙂




After having the opportunity to see my beautiful Australia both from a fancy resort
jacuzzi and the windows of a campervan, I realized that neither kind of traveling is better, theyare just different.
When traveling, I can camp and also treat myself by splurging a bit.

I’m just so happy for the chance to have seen and experience both luxury and adventure during my travels!

I will never forget my time at One & Only Hayman Island.

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