One night In Bangkok

I have heard so many things about Bangkok and watched probably (too) many movies than featured the capital of Thailand, I was very excited to be spending 3 days there as a part of ‘Women in Thailand’ campaign with the Tourism Board of Thailand.
Lisa (my bestie/travel buddy) has already been to Bangkok a few years before and it’s always awesome to travel with someone a little more familiar with the place.
In Bangkok we got split from other female journalists from our group (they went ahead to explore the food/shopping scene of Bangkok with Tippy our guide) and Lisa and I got a new guide/our new Thai bestie Peach. Peach was sooooo cute. Not only she was helping us take just the best photos, but she also would run up to be when Lisa was taking my photos and fix my hair/makeup, tell me I look beautiful etc. Haha! Peach was a terrible help when it came to ironing though. True story, but more on that later;-)
Below: one of the most favorite photos from the trip, captured by Peach the guide 😉

We stayed at St Regis Bangkok, one of the most elegant hotels I’ve even stayed at (and it was also my first time at St Regis chain). Lisa and I got a room on the 18th floor overlooking a gigantic golf course and the city. My 5 favorite things about staying at St Regis were:
1) the lobby smelled sooooo good! Like a field of lilies, every time I entered I got this awesome feeling of ‘aaaaaaa’ if you know what I mean
2) The breakfast buffet was huge and so stunning, we spent over an hour every morning tasting every single item ?
3) There were fresh coconuts in the room waiting for us when we arrived
4) The location was super convient (we didn’t use the metro because we had our own car with a driver, but the metro station was just outside the hotel)
5) last but not least (or perhaps I should say – my most favorite thing) – every St Regis, including this one, offers free butler service. What that means is that there is a butler dedicated to your room who you can call or text (even if you’re not at the hotel). You can call your butler 24/7 whenever you feel like having some tea or coffee OR to unpack or pack your suitcase (you can text him to pack your suitcase, how awesome is that?!) or he can iron your stuff. Free of charge (but don’t forget about the tip!).
Below, bathroom in one of the executive suites of St Regis Bangkok (where Lady Gaga stayed 😉


Anyways, let me tell you a little more about our favorite spots in Bangkok. First of, the city is not as wild I as pictured it. It’s vibrant and busy, but because Lisa and I didn’t go out that much, Bangkok seemed very international and safe during the day ?
  1. Maeklong Railway Market is about a 30 mins drive out of Bangkok, but so worth the trip. Can’t remember which movie I saw it in, but I didn’t think back then it was real. But it is! I also knew that you shouldn’t stay very close to the train so when I saw it approaching slowly in the distance I wasn’t too worried until I had to back up when the train got closer to us and there was nowhere to back up too! Both Lisa and I got really scared and started nervously sweating, but survived ? I unfortunately don’t have a photo – turned out we were standing too close to capture it, but this is a shot I found online from Tie Land to Thailand.

  1. The Floating Market is another 45 mins from the railway market. It was hands down among my favorite experiences I had in Thailand. Delicious, cheap food sold on boats and from boats felt like a very authentic Thai culture experience. Lisa and I ended up renting a boat for ourselves and took a floating tour around the market. One thing we both sucked at was remembering to keep our hands inside the boat at all times and never to hand on to the edges of the boat (which is what we constantly kept doing to lean out to look around/keep balance). Our toothless skipper probably got very tired from screaming ‘hands inside’ all the time.


3. The ‘Hangover’ Bar I asked my ‘stories’ tribe where I could find the best skyline bar in Bangkok and the answer was unanimous – The Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel (the exact same spot where they shot the Hangover II). We first went next door to Sirocco as it opened earlier than the Sky Bar and thats where we had $20 mocktails and watched the most incredible pre sunset. Right around sunset, we moved to the Sky bar which definitely THE best rooftop bar I have seen in my life. It’s very spectacular in person. We ordered the Hangovertini drink to share (which was green) for another $20 but it was so strong we couldn’t finish it ? Once it got dark, we headed to meet up with Tippy at who promised there will be some yummy green curry waiting to us. Best $2 ever spent ?


4. The following night we went to check out another rooftop bar Vertigo at Banyan Tree Bangkok. It wasn’t as impressive as the Sky Bar and definitely not as elegant but it was still definitely worth a visit.

4. The unicorn cafe!!!! It’s so cute! Look at these smoothies are waffles!

5. Dinner at St Regis. I already mentioned about the breakfast at St Regis, but we also got to experience dinner there too. The dinner was a la carte with a buffet option which of course meant we ate way too much. My favorite was the Spicy lemongrass soup served in a fresh coconut which brought up a lot of flavors!

6. We only stopped at Flower Market Pak Klong Talac for an hour and it super cool to see so many flowers in our place. However, the train market and the floating definitely rank higher on my list. Below a photo from a flower museum.

On our final day, we went to the Gala dinner hosted by the Tourism Board of Thailand. It was hosted in this traditional Thai house and we were joined by Miss Universes from all around the world including Miss Australia, Miss Vietnam and Miss Thailand of course! I also got to run into my followers / other travel bloggers from other countries like Mynmar. It was a beautiful evening! Below a photo of the North America crew 😉


Have you been to Bangkok? What else would you add to the list?

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