Positano, Amalfi Coast with What Anna Wears

I can’t even count how many times I have heard about Positano – it’s been all over Instagram for as long as I remember, which usually makes me not want to visit a certain place.

But I wanted to experience the European summer which I missed for years and years. Living in the US with my entire family in Poland, every time I would come to visit Poland in summer every second year or so, I never came down to the Mediterranean because of lack of time or some other excuse – fast forward a few years later and I still barely seen most of the Mediterranean countries and never been to Spain, Portugal or Greece!

I met Anna from What Anna Wears in September last year. I had a small following on my social media back then (only about 20k on IG) but have been following Anna and her travels for over a year at that point. When she announced she’s heading to LA, I just simply DMd her saying she’s welcome to stay at my house if she needs to, because I’ve been admiring her travels for so long and she replied… ‘actually, we don’t have a place to stay so why not!’. We got on well immediately & the rest is history. We would always meet when I came to visit my parents in Warsaw (that’s where Anna lives too), but we wanted to go traveling together too. Anna heard so much about Positano too so we thought why not and started planning our trip in May.

Everything I heard about Positano turned out to be true: the magic in the air, stunning views, friendly Italians. It didn’t seem very crowded despite all the hotels being completely booked out. Positano is tiny and there is only one one-way road that goes from the very top of the hill, all the way down to the beach and then back up. The only way to get there is by car, but then you have to park it for your entire stay as car parks are rare and expensive by the hour (we paid $40 per day and $45 for 5 hrs!).

This was not a sponsored trip – just me, Ania and Michael hanging out together. Michael and I arrived early from our trip to the French Riviera and spent a night in L’Ancora hotel. Beautiful views! Because we didn’t realize how busy Positano is in season, all the places were booked out and we had to keep changing the hotels pretty much every night!

Hotel we stayed with Ania was called Pasitea. Restaurant with the best view was inside the hotel called Albergo California – very reasonable prices (right next to it there is also not a bad restaurant called Bruno). We also enjoyed Cafe Positano (stunning views!) and Chez Black – with heart-shaped pizza right on the beach.

You will see in the photos we also went to Capri for a day (Positano is very small, so after w few days you do feel like going on the water). The ferry costs 40 Euro return and takes 30mins. Capri is stunning and you have to rent a boat to go around the island to check out all the grottos. The prices are per boat, not person and are approx. 100 euro per hour, 150 for 2 or 250 for 4 hours.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions you want me to answer! And if you want to check out Anna’s blog, go to www.whatannawears.com

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  1. Piękne zdjęcia i cudowny post! Byłam w Positano parę lat temu – wtedy kiedy jeszcze nie było tak znane i wszechobecne w social mediach, ale zrobiło na mnie takie samo wrażenie jak na Was teraz! Całuję i życzę kolejnej udanej podróży! 🙂

  2. I stayed in Capri for 3 nights but visited Positano for a day. I did everything you pretty much did in your vlog! Ate at Chez Black, tried the lemon sorbet, went for a short swim. It was absolutely beautiful. I wish to spend more time there one day!

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