What are presets?

Presets are nothing more than ‘filters’ available for Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a professional colouring program for photographers all around the world who use the software to create a certain look for their photos. It’s called colouring for a reason – the program gives you unlimited possibilities of changing greens, blues, reds, yellows etc to your liking like changing a brown green water to blue, blonde hair than came out yellow/orange back to its original platinum etc etc. The more you grow as a photographer, just like with any other art, you start developing your own look for your photos. For example, when I colour my photo from Bali and manage to ‘get’ the jungle greens just right – I save that look as a ‘preset’ in my Lightroom so I can use it next time I want to edit lush green forest – just like I did in Costa Rica.


Who are the presets for?

These presets, just like any other ones available on the market are suitable for those who want to take their photography to a whole new level. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a professional photographer to use them – but if you want to start learning about the process and use the tools used by the best ones out there – you should invest in Lightroom and start playing around with presets.


Who are they not for?

If photography is not your passion OR you are happy with the way your photos look right now (straight from the camera or using phone apps) – do not purchase the presets. Buying presets is an investment (not only because they are not cheap, but also because a recurring Lightroom subscription). If you barely take any photos or are not ready to invest in Lightroom – give them a pass.


Why the presets are not free? Don’t you love your followers Aggie?

I love you tribe more than you will ever know. I care like a crazy person and value you more than money. You have had and will always have access to my photos, blog posts, videos completely free of charge, I hope you found some value in at least some of my work.

I also try to do as little sponsored content as possible, not because I don’t like money or no one approaches me (quite the opposite actually) but because I respect you attention and time and money and would rather spend my own money to show you a place I genuinely think you should visit vs get paid to show you somewhere or something that might not be of value to you. It’s easy to judge other influencers that do a lot of sponsored work, but it’s the only way we can survive and keep doing what you are following us for.

While I tried to make as affordable for my followers as possible, I also needed to keep in mind that the presets are not a necessity for anyone to live (their best) life, they are a tool to improve your photography skills in hopes to be paid for your work. Presets created by influencers are often used by professional photographers and brands who make money from taking and delivering photos for thousands and thousands of dollars. On top of that, it takes years of photography experience to be able to create a good preset.
With that said, my presets are priced at what I think is a fair payment for my work.


Are these the exact presets you use for Travel In Her Shoes photos?

Yes, these are the exact presets I created and have used on ALL the photos on my feed (I do not use photoshop to colour my photos).


Will my photos get that Travel in Her Shoes look? What will influence the final outcome of the preset?

Let’s talk about what affects the look of a photo first:

  • Location (sky has a different colour in Bora Bora vs Finland, forest in Switzerland will look different than the Amazon jungle even though they are both green)
  • Lighting (indoor/outdoor, time of the day, time of the year, angle of the sun, clouds/no clouds)
  • Camera (Canon, Sony and Nikon all give their photos slightly different colours. On top of that, photos from Canon 6d will look slightly different than photos from Canon 1DX)
  • Lens (Sigma Art lenses vs Canon, Nikon – same thing)
  • Camera Settings (how you set your ISO, whether you shoot your photo under or overexposed)
  • Skin Tones (everyone has a different skin tone – I get very orange skin using other people’s presets – you might find my skin tones might not work with yours)
There are so many variables that even if you went back to the same location, used the same camera and then applied the same preset, the chances are the lighting and time of the day will be different and hence you will have to adjust the photo. It’s totally normal so while I am sharing with you the exact presets I use – I do tweak almost every photo depending on what it needs even after matching the perfect preset.


Are they the only presets I will ever need?

No, but the chances are the presets will be a good start for you to develop your own and create your own look!


Why are they divided into different collections?

Whenever I use my presets, I know the exact photo and moment I created each one of them for. When I arrive in a new location like eg. Bora Bora and want to get that perfect colour of water, I think back to when was the last time I needed to edit crystal blue water and start by testing my presets from Jamaica or Bahamas. Sine it’s not as easy for you to know the back story of each preset, I divided the presets into 4 collections: Happy Blues, Magic Sunset, Cozy Warm and Perfect Greens to help you navigate around them. With that said, sometimes a sunset presets will work great in a jungle or a happy blue preset for sunset – you just have to see what works best;-)


How do I make the best of the presets?

Make sure you shoot your photos in RAW. Test as many presets are possible and if something is still not quiet right, start playing around starting from exposure, then saturation and temperature.

What is the difference between RAW and JPEG

RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo.  JPEG image information is compressed at the time of shooting and lost.

Because no information is compressed with RAW you’re able to not only produce higher quality images, but what’s more important is that if you’re a beginner photographer and get your settings a little wrong, you can still ‘save’ the photo later on in Lightroom.

Many many cameras these days shoot RAW, including point and shoots as well as some smart phones so it’s best to google your camera model to double check.


How are these presets different than other available on the market?

First, I created them myself from scratch. Second – I don’t use Photoshop, so all the photos you see on my feed were coloured in Lightroom.


Are the presets compatible with photoshop?

These presets are for Lightroom only.


Do I need a desktop version of Adobe Lightroom to use them then? Can they be used on mobile?

Yes, you need to purchase access to Adobe Lightroom for Desktop to use presets.


What happens if I don’t like the presets?

All sales are final. If you are not happy with the presets, send me a photo and I’ll edit it to show how to navigate them better.






  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go to: Edit • Preferences • Presets
  3. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  4. Double click on Lightroom
  5. Double click on Develop Presets
  6. Copy the folder(s) of your presets into the Develop Presets folder
  7. Restart Lightroom


  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go to: Lightroom (Dialogue) • Preferences • Presets
  3. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  4. Double click on Lightroom
  5. Double click on Develop Presets
  6. Copy the folder(s) of your presets into Develop Presets folder
  7. Restart Lightroom