Where I Stayed in Coron

Before heading to the Philippines, I was told by a lot of friend travel bloggers that not only I will fall in love in this beautiful country, but also that I should absolutely visit Coron. So I started my trip there and I am glad I did, because everything from kind people to beautiful locations was just perfect.

For the first few days, I stayed at the Funny Lion – an edgy resort nested on a hill overlooking the entire bay, which makes is probably the best sunset spot in town (especially if you head to the rooftop bar called the Pride Rock, where you can be sipping your cocktail in a jacuzzi and watch the sunset!).

I have to say, I really enjoy staying at the Funny Lion – I chose to collaborate with the hotel based on photos and reviews I saw online, but once I got there, I really really liked the vibe. Very modern, I’d even say hipster feeling and environmentally friendly – I loved there was very little plastic around (glass bottles and jars in the mini bar – oh – and always a little surprise in there too (either a yummy bite size dessert like chocolate pudding in a shot glass or a jar of watermelon water with mint).

People in the Philippines are just the nicest and cutest human beings so of course the staff was nothing short of amazing. Take a look at my photos and vlogs from there 🙂philip day 34-00910

philip day 1 9-00755

philip day 42-1423

philip day 38-01189



philip day 44-0228

philip day 32-0380

philip day 122-02085

philip day 54-03232

philip day 55-03006

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